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Bila Legend

The name BILA was derived from the plant Bila-Bila, a giant gabi-like plant  that is abundant in the area then. According to folk  tales there was once a couple who lived in Soyosoyan who have then a pregnant dog (some says its a pig) One day, the dog was nowhere to be found.  Several days later , the dog went home but with a flat abdomen. The couple understood then that their pet delivered her puppies somewhere.  To  locate the whereabout of the puppies, the couple followed the dog secretely when she tried to get away again.  They went down from the mountain, passed through a raging river to a good terrained place.  There,  they saw the puppies under  the  giant Bila-Bila plant. The couple decided to go down from the mountain, settle in a much terrained friendly place. They brought along with  them  families  and some neighbors. Upon learning the discovery of the good place all the inhabitans of Soyosoyan went down thus deserting the area. From then on till now, the place was called Bila.

Now Bila is a friendly  community . It has 7 major purok  namely Kalkalinat, Gawa-an, Laglagan, Mokgo, Napakey, Sa-an and Kabugnay; and two minor puroks named Napo and Eengan.


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