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La Trinidad Mountains

Mt. Kalugong

Coordinates: 16°27’37″N 120°35’44″E.
Major Jump-Off Areas: Cruz, La Trinidad, Benguet
Entrance Fee: Php50.00

How to Get There: From Baguio City, take a jeepney bound to Tomay, Acop or Shilan. Drop at Benguet Memorial Services in Brgy. Cruz. The trail starts at the cemented road at the right side of this establishment.

The name of Mt. Kalugong came from a local word which means “hat”. This name is coined from a stone boulder resembling a baseball hat at the southern portion of the mountain as seen from the eastern part of the valley. Before the place was developed as an ecological park, the rock formations had been drawing a lot of locals. The area where it is not covered with limestone was previously used as venue for 4×4 off-road car racing.

Mt Jumbo (Little Pulag, Mt. Yangbaw)

How to get there?

If you’re coming from Baguio, ride a jeep bound for Tomay, La Trinidad. Asked the driver to drop you at the intersection going to Barangay Tawang. You should see a signboard of La Trinidad National highschool at the entrance of the intersection. Walk and you should pass by the Tawang Stone church, the trail going to the summit starts near the Tawang Elementary School.

There is also a jeepney at KM.4 (Pines Park) going to Tawang just tell the driver that you will get off at Sitio Banig. Alternatively you can just take a cab.

There is a 25 PHP fee, so don’t be surprise when someone approach you and ask for a fee and register.

Mt. Jumbo is mostly grassy with just a few stunted pine trees dotting the area. It’s a nice alternative for hikers who don’t want to go far to climb a mountain. Coming from Tawang Central, getting to the top of the mountain can take about 30 minutes.
It’s best to climb the mountain early in the morning or later in the afternoon as the heat can be rather harsh with the sun up high. The only shade in the area is a clump of small pine trees where a makeshift campfire is also located.



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