Mt. Bidawan (Ave Maria)

Holy week Diy day hike with a cath (March 24, 2015)

It is a potential natural attraction found in Poblacion, Itogon Benguet. With its scenic views, it is ideal for trekking based from the tourism website.

Considering the nearest tourist spot near Baguio we chose mt. Bidawan to trek for something new since its holy week hiking and praying is our main purpose.

How to get there from Baguio:

-ride the PUJ goin Poblacion,Itogon. Tell the driver you’re going to Ave Maria or tell to drop you off at Sitio Supang or Sito lucbuban, Ma-nit, Tokok

-PUJ goin Poblacion,Itogon is located at Gen. Luna Rd, Baguio, Benguet infront of Shopper’s Lane. Nearby places are Centermall,Tiongsan Magsaysay,Orion Drug Store and Jollibee.

ย Fare cost 30php one way only

DSC02869 (1)
Drop Off point where all started ๐Ÿ™‚

It took us about 3 hours reaching the top.Depending how fast you are and how much time you spend in taking pictures. I don’t want to fill it with a lots of blahblahbahย but i just want to share every path we take to reach the top.

In short follow the pathway going to Sitio Tokok and you’ll be guided by the cross along the way.ย How many stations? 14 in all.

According to the people there โ€œginagawa namin station of the cross sa pag akyat ng bundok na ย yan matagal na, almost 6 years ago pero noong napalitan na yung pari dito sa amin natigil na so yung station of the cross happening around the church only.โ€

Why we asked? Because we saw during the hike most of the cross we saw in very station is gone and destroyed.

See Gallery:


There’s a way i think you might be get lost so here it is.

Take the red line path

Take Note:

  • Please follow the “leave no trace” principle.
  • No stores along the way so betterย bring your own food and water
  • The jeepney is usually full when goin back to town so you better ride the jeepney goin to its turning point. They stop around 5pm.
  • Always close every gate you entered. (para ito sa mga baka at wag magulat if my mga makakasalubong na mga baka during your hike kasi normal lang ito.)
  • Take time to pray before and after your hike and stay safe always (mag-ingat palagi).
  • Don’t be a tourist, Be a traveler.







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