Mountain of Mistery (Mt. Ulap)

Mt. Ulap is moderately new to mounteneers. The trail was opened to people in general last October 2015. In spite of the fact that new, Mt. Ulap is picking up notoriety among devoted climbers in light of its grand views and dazzling scenes also the icy but rather middle of the road temperature.

We began our day in Harrison Street in the heart of Baguio City where jeepneys handling Baguio-Ampucao are found.

After the fast orientation of our guide I was eager to see pine trees and pleasant trail along the trail. I did as such with my heart beating like I was wheezing. I would not lie. I expected a “chill” move in Mt. Ulap. I never believed that I will experience serious difficulties along the trail after many hike i did.



The initial segment of the ascension was hardest. After a normal mountain trail toward the starting, we encounter a sudden sharp assault only 30 minutes after the introduction. Huge strides upwards in a limited and elusive trail. Because of the pine trees we can snatch a branch to bolster our body up. We have to stop for a long while to recover our stamina and regain some composure. In view of the sharp strike and thin air we nearly deplete all our vitality from the previous evening rest. Later on our lungs changed in accordance with the high height, our breathing gets to be ordinary, however there were still minutes where I’m regaining some composure, we now delighted in the icy climate and landscapes of Sta. Fe Ridge.


Now and then I needed to stop not to rest but rather to gaze at the perspective. You will recapture your quality when you perceive how heavenly and magnificent God Creation is. Since you are watching your progression, you don’t have a decision yet to stop to see the precipitous skyline.

Nature will never come up short you on the off chance that you take a gander at it the correct way. Magnificence is in each leaves, dry or new. Magnificence is in each bloom, regardless of what shading. Excellence is in each trail, regardless of how slender or wide. Excellence is in each trees, tall or short. Excellence is in each field, plain with grass or with foliage trees. Magnificence is in each individual taking a gander at nature.

Video for my Third time returning to this place


  • Jeepneys are located in Lakandula St. (Adjacent to Magsaysay St.) in Baguio City. Tell that you are going to Mt. Ulap and they will bring you to Ampucao Barangay Hall for registration.
  • Registration Fee is Php100 each to be paid at the Barangay.
  • As of writing Guide Fee is Php400. Number of climbers per guide is not clear at the Barangay but I asked our guide he said maximum would be 10 person.
  • Bring atleast two litters of water. Eat to strengten your knee.
  • Camping is allowed but you have to pay the guide for two days.
  • Bring food/lunch for yourself and for the guide if you have a kind heart.
  • Don’t waste your time when you heard that the jeep going to Ampucao will pass by Petron near Victory Liner Terminal. They will wait in Magsaysay till’ the jeepneys are full before they leave.
  • Going back to Baguio from Sta. Fe might be challenging. Be sure to coordinate the jeep at the barangay if you are in a big group. Your guide can also contact a jeep operator in Philex Mining near Sta. Fe. Fare is Php50 per head.




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