Giant Web (Masungi Georeserve)

Masungi Georeserve is a protection region and karst shake plant covered up in the rainforests of Rizal. Its name originates from the nearby term “masungki” which means “spiked” – portraying the barbed limestone scene found here. The disclosure trail offers a one of a kind open air encounter where guests get the opportunity to climb through karst scene, with limestone developments, sinkholes, hollows and common trails and timberlands. The geographical stop has eco-accommodating protection regions, rest stations and obstructions including hanging spans, rope step drops, see decks, and a goliath loft where you can appreciate perspectives of the stunning normal scene.


The vast majority of the trail is fixed with shake and solid piece stairs, making it generally simple to climb. Be that as it may, while it might resemble a fun and chill put, a portion of the zones are very testing to get to. I was anticipating that it should be a simple stroll in the recreation center, yet was enjoyably astonished to find that the trail requires climbing through moving territory, climbing steep stairs and diving down a rope connect from bewildering statures. We secured approximately 5-7 kilometers altogether, with bunches of photograph operation stops. Masungi is a standout among the most special nature trail climbs I’ve done in the nation, with its various trails and snags. It nearly feels like a genuine astound platformed for open world investigation.


Sapot (Spider Web)

The first product of thoughtful human intervention and nature conservation is showcased in this giant spider web made of thick steel cable wires.



The Masungi management wanted a swing installed in the middle of the forest for a quick rest stop.


Patak (Raindrop/Teardrop)

This is their version of a “treehouse” but since it’s not perched on a tree, they call it an “air house” instead. From here, one can view the cactus garden sprawling below.


Duyan (Hammock)

You can unwind and simply chill in this goliath loft. Here’s the story behind this notorious establishment: They required a route for the general population to get to the opposite side of the mountain without backtracking or experiencing a long way. Somebody recommended assembling a monster duyan just to be unique in relation to alternate extensions in the region. Entirely brilliant!


Must-Know Before Visiting Masungi

Before really going to Masungi, it is vital to make a private booking first. All visitors are required to hold an opening no less than four (4) days preceding their visit. WALK-INS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Masungi Tour Schedule

Visit is accessible from Tuesday to Sunday. Time timetables is either 7:30am or 1:30 pm, with just a set number of people permitted every day.

Masungi Trail Fees

The preservation expense is at P1,000/individual for Feb-March and P1,400/individual from April onwards, for gatherings of 7-13 people. The expense incorporates a visitor pack for the trail, stop officer manage, complimentary nibble and refreshments. Visitors are required to settle a large portion of the cost of the aggregate expense before the date of their visit.

Getting There and Other Travel Info

Heading off to the georeserve is a twisting yet picturesque auto ride along Marcos Highway. It’s fitting to bring your own particular vehicle, ideally a four-wheel drive for effectiveness, because of the long separations through unpleasant, bending and soak streets. Masungi can be gotten to from Garden Cottages (address underneath) at the right half of the street directly after Foremost Farms and Palo Alto, originating from Metro Manila.

What to Wear

For the clothing, it’s best to wear easygoing, lightweight and open to apparel, and a couple of non-slip shut shoes. You’ll be strolling under the sun’s warmth at specific times so you’d need to feel as comfortable and casual as could be allowed. Likewise, the entire trail is made out of sharp shakes and limestone developments that can bring about wounds and wounds if not wearing the best possible footwear.

Essential Things to Bring:

  • Water (included on the tour package)
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Towel
  • Extra Shirt
  • Trail Food
  • Camera

Masungi Georeserve
Location: Kilometer 45, Marcos Highway, Rizal, Philippines (inside the vicinity of Garden Cottages)
Email: trail@masungigeoreserve.com
Website: http://masungigeoreserve.com
Follow Masungi Georeserve on Facebook

Baguio Reservation:

Kindly contact sir Joseph Malecdan for the available slot for those who wants to visit the place coming from Baguio City

Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joseph.malecdan
Contact Number: 09998166873


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